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Boxer shorts bearing multiple identities such as loose boxers or simply boxers have been in vogue since 1944. These all-around elastic shorts have got the term ‘boxer’ because of their use by pugilists for boxing their opponents out. Since then, they’ve become a hot property for millions of men worldwide as elegant and comfortable underwear. Unlike briefs, boxer shorts are feature-rich with wide selection of fabric and print design. With the introduction of boxer briefs in 1990, males had the option of choosing something that lies in between.

Traditionally, boxer shorts used to wear the tag of loose fitting cotton undergarments. However, that particular image has changed considerably over the periods of time with the introduction of new styles, shapes and finest of fabrics. Many renowned underwear manufacturers lend a great helping hand by offering variety of designer boxer shorts in order to meet the growing demand of fashion conscious men. Fabrics have got a major facelift with the addition of several super soft and silky ones without even having a trace of silk. A particular type of fabric goes the distance to offer undergarments with anti-bacterial property and fit like a second skin.

Most of the boxer shorts nowadays include certain amount of Lycra to generate the effect of snug and close fitting as these styles of underwear are right on demand by modern men. There are so many replacements of traditional boxer shorts available in the market now and underclothing such as trunks, maxis, boxer briefs and hipsters are ruling the popularity chart to a great extent. The growing importance of men’s underwear can be judged from the fact that fabrics used for ladies lingerie are also put to use for their male counterparts. Some of these excellent fabrics feature cooling and sweat soaking qualities to be adored by active men and sportspersons.

There are many online shopping portals that exclusively deal in wide range of male underwear. If you find the purchase of designer briefs, boxer shorts, trunks and thongs difficult, you must then visit for availing quality products at the lowest online price guaranteed. Some of the renowned Calvin Klein undergarments give further boost to its existing rich collection of products. You can get the detailed product information along with its image by visiting the website.

Gifts occupy a special place in the hearts of human beings. Their importance can’t be downplayed in sustaining a relationship. It is particularly true in case of soul mates and love birds. Women always seek to present extraordinary gifts to their men to display never-dying love and emotions for them. Selecting a great gift idea is quite demanding. What will you present to make the day special? Sensual gift ideas are fast catching up with women. So, you shouldn’t get surprised if your beloved woman presents you designer underwear on your birthday, marriage anniversary or any other special occasion.

Underwear is part and parcel of a male’s wardrobe. But, it is also the most neglected one. Men hardly purchase themselves designer underwear of reputed brands. So, women can create a source of amusement for them by gifting sexy undergarments like thongs, briefs etc. Actually, it was men who initiated the trend of purchasing sensual undergarments, lingerie and other beauty products for their life partners. Now, it is the turn of women to return favor as more number of females has started to present their partners an eye-catching underwear in order to upgrade their outdated collection of undergarments. These types of unique gifts also bring charm back into their sagging relationship.

Trunks, G-strings and thongs are some of the varieties purchased most often by customers. The ever changing scenario of the fashion world has witnessed the emergence of bold retro styles that feature low sitting on the waist, short square-cut leg, and elegant waist straps with fashionable logos. Most customers generally search for perfect fit and functionality in their underwear in addition to just looks. As a result, it is highly imperative for leading brands to take care of this aspect in their products in order to serve their customers in a better way.

Many women get embarrassed to visit an exclusive male underwear store to purchase gifts for men. They might have no time to undertake this activity too. In that case, many online retailers like come in handy. These stores deal in all varieties and all brands of men undergarments. Just browse through the product images, read product information and in the end, add your preferred products to the shopping cart. Make payment online and receive the products at your location. A delightful shopping is done in a hassle-free manner within the spheres of your home. A wonderful gift in the form of underwear can take your relationship a long way.

Men’s underwear had been largely confined to two segments over the years: briefs and boxers. However, it has widened its horizon by introducing more and more fashionable products since the last few decades. The scenario has changed to such an extent that sporting trendy underwear is as essential to many men as owning stylish outer garments.

The first makeover of men’s underwear happened in the 1950s with the launching of printing patterned and multihued undergarments. Men then had more number of choices before them and freed them from the shackles of boring white underclothing. But, underwear got its due recognition only during 1970s and 1980s with the attachment of the term ‘sex appeal’ with them. Many reputed manufacturers like Calvin Klein, Jockey and Tommy Hilfiger came out in open with lots of designer underwear that caught the attention of masses.

Boxer briefs which were introduced into the market in the year 1990 posed the greatest challenge to traditional briefs. Labeled as tight boxers, this kind of underwear has got wide acceptance among teenagers around the world. Boasting similarity with boxer shorts, boxer briefs feature length in the leg part. Many athletes prefer them because of their from-fitting which is designed keeping a man’s midsection in mind.

Numerous designs of boxer briefs include access flap, pouch, snap/button front, woven, knitted etc. Another form of boxer briefs is known as ‘trunk’ which is bit narrower in the leg part and mostly used as a variety of swimwear. They are manufactured by all leading companies like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Jockey, Bonds, Hanes, and Under Armor.

You can buy the best of Calvin Klein undergarments and boxer briefs at cheapest prices from Some of the brands include 365 Color Trunk, 365 Fashion Trunk, 365 Trunk, Pro Stretch Boxer Trunk and Pro Stretch Boxer Brief. It provides actual pictures and detailed product information for the convenience of its customers. All its products are closely inspected for quality. The company focuses its attention on each and every customer and offers flexibility to meet their particular needs. Through its efficient shipping network, it sends all the purchased products to your location quickly and safely. So visit the site and buy your favorite brands of underwear at low cost.

If somebody inquires about white briefs, you’ll surely be taken down the memory lane to an era of late 50’s when these ever-present Jockey archetypes used to be the favorite undergarments of every male. As modernization has taken over the world with busy urban life, cocktail parties, new restaurant opening and all that, these ever-charming briefs have gone into oblivion and are being replaced by today’s tighty whitie.

If you go deep into the history of original briefs, you’ll explore that it was Jockey who first brought these stuffs into limelight. A Chicago departmental store had the guts to exhibit the Jockey briefs in its window in the year 1935. Initially, briefs had to face so many obstacles from other renowned manufacturers. But, nothing could stop their juggernaut towards extreme popularity as within a matter of 3 months, more than thirty thousand pairs of briefs were sold to different genres of customers.

There was also a funny side to the use of white briefs during World War II as they attracted enemy attention and subsequent ire while being hung out to dry. This particular incident prompted Jockey to air a wartime advertisement depicting: “Target: White Underwear”. The brief world was preparing itself for a major facelift after the end of the war. Multihued options of briefs posed a serious threat to the existence of whities. Nevertheless, white briefs have been remained the popular choice of men till date.

If you’re eager to examine the craze for tighty whities, you’ve no better platform than the Internet where innumerable websites are harping on those sensuous underclothing to churn out more profits. As it is the case with any variety of male underwear, there is a huge cyberspace supermarket from where you can select your favorite brand at different price ranges. Whether you go for simple white briefs or some luxurious and branded undergarments, online shopping portals offer everything to satisfy your wants.

A complete men underwear solution is offered by one of the front liners in this business – which contains boxer briefs, trunks, thongs, white briefs and exclusive Calvin Klein undergarments with affordable price tags. You can purchase all those products in a pack of 8 and the unit price, in certain cases, can be as low as $0.00. Its worldwide shipping network delivers orders at your doorstep in a secure and timely manner.

To purchase sensual white briefs as well as other designer male undergarments, you can do yourself a favor by visiting the premier mens underwear portal –

You mayn’t surprise yourself by coming across varieties of underwear existing in the marketplace. The changing mindset of fashion conscious people has encouraged leading manufacturers of undergarments around the world to launch trendy and innovative products every now and then. Style and fashion is no longer the self-proclaimed domain of women alone. Men have also started to match them every step by step whether it is their undergarments or any other apparels. They’re quite selective about the shape of underwear they wear. The places they visit and the activities they undertake are generally the decisive factors in choosing a particular shape and design.

Standard briefs are usually embraced by professional males on work and gym-going youth. Some men have a crush on boxer shorts as they find them more comfortable and easy to put on. Boxer briefs lie somewhere between boxer shorts and briefs. They are bit longer than usual briefs and highly flexible to offer great deal of comfort. A wide array of colors, shapes and materials makes boxer briefs the most sought-after by contemporary men. Women, most of the times, waste no opportunity in buying their men a pair of silk boxer briefs that are available in eye-catching colors and patterns.

Similarly, men’s underwear makes use of several fabrics such as cotton, silk, nylon and flannel. The prevailing season determines the type of fabrics you’re going to use. Thin undergarments are adored by most they don’t clutch up during walk. As underwear is normally worn underneath the pants, heavier materials may not go down well while you’re on move. So, lighter materials can do a world of good for your prolonged comfort.

If you seek to add more style and sensuousness to your precious undergarment, thongs are the best alternative available. However, these products are not meant for your day-to-day work schedules and more likely to be worn in a casual atmosphere during vacation or leisure time at home. Most of the online shopping sites like offer well-known brands of men thongs in variety of tones and materials.

Shy men who hesitate to visit a physical underwear store can go for several online stores which are equally filled with numerous standard briefs, boxer briefs, thongs and trunks of famous manufacturers. Calvin Klein undergarments have a prominent presence at, the leading portal for men’s underwear. A large collection of products is on display at the website and that too with heavy discounts. You can purchase them by making payments online through a secured Internet payment gateway.

Underwear is now a style statement for millions of fashion conscious men worldwide. If you seek to join that growing list and look for designer undergarments, there’s no better place than dealing in sensual men underclothing.

Presenting sensual underwear is the latest addition to the list of unique gifts for men. Women find this gift idea more fascinating with long-lasting impact on their relationships. Everybody wants their gifts to be exceptional and unusual. Actually, it is a matter of pride for them to select unique gift items. When you opt for undergarments as gifts for your man, you need to be sure about his tastes and preferences so that he can derive maximum pleasure in using them and adore them for the rest of his life.

Most of the men love to have soft things against their bodies. So it can be a great idea to collect some silky underwear made of finest of fabrics. Calvin Klein undergarments have the unbiased reputation in the market for offering high quality products manufactured from smoothest of fabrics. Its product range includes almost all popular styles and shapes like briefs, boxer briefs and trunks in multihued finishes. Your life partner will surely receive the best fit with elegant touch. A beautiful gift wrapping is equally important as it makes the first impression about your gift.

Some of the popular underwear styles that you can think to purchase include boxer briefs, trunks, thongs, bikinis and plain briefs. You must have clear information regarding each of these varieties before buying them from an underwear store or online shopping website.

The latest boxer briefs have close resemblance to customary biker pants. However, it gets a little shorter on the thigh length. Designers have made every possible effort to combine the powerful features of both briefs and boxers. You’ll get the fitting of a brief, but find the leg bit longer like a boxer. Boxer briefs feature traditional fly design on the front.

Similar to men’s swim trunks from the 50’s, the trunk profile has made a befitting comeback as underwear. It is not much different from a boxer brief, except for the shorter legs.

Sexy thongs or Jock Straps feature an expandable waistband and a front cup. The proper positioning of front cup panel is ensured by a tape that passes through the legs and connects in the midpoint of back on the waistband. This is a style mostly adopted in athletics for additional support or when there is requirement for maximum exposure.

The men’s bikini style witnesses a cut which gets lower further in comparison to a low-rise brief. The top elastic rests in the region of 4″ below the waistline, actually below the navel. However, you’ll get full rear coverage. There’s no fly design on the front and the legs have a high cut design.

You can visit, the renowned men’s underwear shopping site, for purchasing unique gifts for men at reasonable prices. Starting from Calvin Klein undergarments to latest thongs, trunks and boxer briefs, the website boasts everything to offer you plenty of gift options. Bring cheer on your soul mate’s face by presenting him wonderful gifts.

For more unique underwear gift ideas, you can make a visit to the premier men underwear portal,

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